Magic: The Gathering What It Is All About?

Magic is a trading card game which was released in 1993, by Wizards of the Coast, an American game publisher. This collectable card game was the first one in its class to be introduced; and astonishingly, still it continues to thrive pretty well, even in these days of high-end 3D computer games. According to the reports as collected in 2011, there are around 12 million MTG players across the world, making it one of the most popular collectable card games on the planet. The game has different formats, and it needs two or more players to start with. There are also internet based online MTG that can be played following the same rules with a virtual card deck.

Every game of Magic, as it is commonly known amongst the users, represents a war between the wizards, who within the game are known as the planes walkers. The battle is fought between the wizards by using artifacts, spells and creatures. There are complicated rules and the number of cards is also much higher than any normal pencil-and-paper adventure games. The Magic cards are highly vital for the gameplay and they are printed only in limited numbers, so there is quite a demand for them in the market. Hence, selling magic the gathering cards are quite popular.

Did you know that magic cards can be so expensive?
The game starts with twenty “life points” for each of the wizard and the player loses the fight as his/her point strikes zero. Aplayer can lose life in either of the two means, through “damage” due to attack by the creatures or spells of the opponent, or can directly “lose life” being attacked by other cards. Each of the cards come printed with a character of the game and the power of the card along with the rules of its use are noted on the card itself. In case, any of the rule stated on the card, does not match with the rule of the game, the rule of the card is given precedence. Hence selling magic the gathering cards, particularly the ones with special characters can be a highly lucrative option to earn. You can also go to the website if you want a cheap magic the gathering cards.

The game is regarded as highly addictive and players even spend huge money on gathering cards with special features. The Magic has been often referred as a game that can help in improving the social as well as mental skills of the players. The game has won several awards starting from 1994 and the developers of the game have also been garnished with many personal awards for their contribution. With the success that it has shown in past, it is expected that the game will flourish also in the future and bring more improvements.